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Privacy Policy

by Southwest

Southwestaerofly.com believes in customer’s safety and security. Customer’s satisfaction is our main mantra. We respect the safety of customer’s important data and information. That’s why we protect the data of the users of the website.

We are really very thankful to all our users for their trust and believe in us. We have provided you all the privacy policies about our website and this will clear all your doubts and make you aware of all the facts i.e. why we collect data from you, and how your important information is safe with us.

In our privacy policy, we make customers aware of the proper process involved in the collection of all necessary data. We gather all the essential information of our clients and customers in various ways.

Mostly all the information is provided by the clients only, but some are collected without alerting them. Therefore, every customer must be aware of all the data that we collect from them and also about how we implement that.

Please read the terms and conditions of the privacy policy to understand information related to your information and how we use it. If in case you don’t agree with the policies then you must immediately stop accessing this site.

If you are accessing this site it would straightly signify that you are agreed with terms of the privacy policy mentioned.

General Information

24*7 customer support number is available to assist you. This website is created to offer a trouble-free experience to the customers in booking flights or availing any kind of assistance for any flight-related concerns.

Southwestaerofly.com considers the privacy of its users as its foremost priority and is committed to securing it through our compliance.

Protection of Data

Customer’s satisfaction is our main priority and to make our users feel secure, we do care about the safety of their important information. While collecting data for completion of the booking process, and for enhancing our database to improve the functionality and services, we keep in mind that the safety of user’s data is equally important for us.

Therefore we do not involve any third party to use our database. In case any user finds anything weird, then he/she should immediately register a complaint to our customer support team, and we will try our best to resolve the matter as soon as possible.

We have developed our website for general interest with an objective to assist the customer’s needs who are looking for assistance to book cheap flight tickets or guide you with the best.

Changes in the Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is subject to change at any time without any prior notice. Changes to the privacy policy shall be applicable to every User till such time the customer withdraws consent or permission to SOuthwestaerofly to use the data.

we are not answerable to any of the customer in case of any changes in our policies, therefore, it is advised to everyone to just follow all the instructions and policies in order to safe themselves from any kind of inconvenience or misunderstanding.

How We Collect Data?

There are two ways by which we collect all the necessary data from users or clients.

DIRECT METHOD: The first method is when the user himself/herself provides all the essential information like name, age, address, email id, contact details, etc.

INDIRECT METHOD: The second method is without notifying users about the same. We do collect other necessary information like details about system and IP through which user has accessed our website and also about the location from where the user is using our website.

Why Do We Collect Data?

We collect data for the customer’s convenience and to increase our database to improve our own functionality and services. The leading purpose of collecting data is to finalize airlines flight reservation process properly.

This data also helps us in analysing common queries and doubts related to airlines, so that we can implement various ways to deal with the same and to improve our services in any possible ways.

Cancellation Policies

We are not responsible for any change in airfares as it keeps on fluctuating every day. We provide various promo codes through which you can avail great discounts and get coupons as well. In case of any changes in bookings, users will be responsible to bear any kind of charges.

In case you have to postpone your flight bookings then you have to pay extra charges for that. Cancellation charges need to be paid by you in case you are cancelling your bookings.

Note: Cancellation charges will be there on each individual’s ticket.

Refund Policy

In case of cancellation of bookings, the refund will be given only after inspecting that the cancellation is under the airline policies. This process normally takes 3-4 business days, depending on the bank facility you are using.