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Movies About Bosses – The editorial team at is here to provide you with more than just the latest Hollywood news and streaming recommendations.

It is also a matter of the heart for us to provide you with emotional support when you are once again trapped in the hell of life, which threatens to devour your skin and hair and extinguish even the last sliver of courage within you.

Of course, we mean your job when we say “hell of a life.”

You can choose your friends, but not (always) your family or bosses, as is common knowledge. We understand if you’re five minutes late because the subway hasn’t arrived yet, forcing you to cut your lunch break in half.

If you’ve worked a 50-hour week and your boss asks if you could come into the office looking a little fresher next time on Friday afternoon, we despise you.

If your work ethic and morals have been praised over the green clover, but no one is available to talk about raises, we understand.

We won’t be able to help you get out of your bind, but we will provide you with some bad bosses who will provide you with some solace.

Because, no matter how bad your hell is, you’re still a long way from purgatory (as you’ll see by the end of the list!).

Movies About Bosses
13 Movies About Bosses That You Must Watch in Your Lifetime

Movies About Bosses That You Need to Watch

Characters that are both likeable and dislikeable have emerged from the worlds of film and television. This article will now focus on the characters who aren’t so nice: The 13 Worst Bosses in History?

I’m sure everyone knows some jerks who will brag as soon as they have control over someone. Movies and TV shows also show bosses who are truly evil, either for money, for personal gain, or just because they can.

That’s the end of our list of the thirteen most disgusting bosses from movies and TV!

1. The Devil’s Advocate

The Devil's Advocate
Movies About Bosses: The Devil’s Advocate

Remember that every job, no matter how great it appears to be, has drawbacks. Even if your boss appears to be your mentor at first, providing you with a hip apartment in the city, lavishing you with money and heaping praise wherever he or she can, it’s possible that the boss is the devil herself.

Not in the sexy sense, but in the sense of a hell boss on the prowl for human souls. So, the next time you whine about your boss, remember that he or she might be Satan himself.

How to advance in your career: Offer him your soul and keep your partner in the dark. Or, even better, give him your undivided attention. What if she goes insane as a result of it?

2. House of Cards (TV Series)

House of Cards
Movies About Bosses: House of Cards

When your boss is prone to manipulation, intrigue, fake news, murder, and speaking to an imaginary audience, it’s bad enough. However, if he or she is also the country’s most powerful leader, the president, everything goes to hell.

Because Frank Underwood has no qualms about sacrificing a country for his own gain. The only person who would be pleased would be Shakespeare.

Cleaning doorknobs, kissing as many E***** as you can, and swallowing as much saliva as you can are all good ways to advance your career.

You can be sure of loyalty if you’re also involved in an assassination plot, love toy soldiers, and have bisexual tendencies.

3. Quinn King – “UnREAL” (TV Episode)

Quinn King "UnREAL"
Movies About Bosses: Quinn King “UnREAL”

Quinn King (nomen est omen!) has encouraged her employees to manipulate and emotionally terrorize participants, was indirectly responsible for a suicide, helped cover up several murders, and repeatedly forced her something-like-daughter,

Rachel, to return to a job that further wrecked her already battered psyche for good TV entertainment. Everything is done in the name of entertainment and high ratings.

This is how you advance in your career: As much as your boss enjoys these immoral activities, remember that you are only number two.

4. Cruella

Movies About Bosses: Cruella

Miranda Priestly appears to be a missionary girl in comparison to the Baroness. Gifted with an unerring eye for fashion trends, the Baroness isn’t above stealing ideas just to bask in the limelight and stroke that bloated ego.

Nice words never cross her lips, she has no ties to her family, empathy and respect are alien concepts to her, and murder is only a small step away… uh, step. If you’re thinking about starting a career in the fashion industry, don’t.

As a student, you can climb the career ladder by becoming a teacher and outperforming your mentor—and beating yourself at your own game.

5. Arrested Development (TV Series)

Arrested Development
Movies About Bosses: Arrested Development

It’s not for nothing that you should be hesitant to work with members of your own family. If your father’s name is George Bluth Sr. and he offers you a job, don’t think twice about taking it and allowing yourself to be disinherited.

Because the Bluth family patriarch hires his children when his business suffers a setback, and he expertly pits them against one another.

But that’s not all: he sleeps with his secretary, steals from his own company, and builds houses for Saddam Hussein. He, on the other hand, believes he is the greatest businessman of all time…

This is how you advance in your career: Because the first rung is made of rotten wood, there is no way.

6. KILL THE BOSS (Horrible Bosses)

KILL THE BOSS (Horrible Bosses)
Movies About Bosses: KILL THE BOSS (Horrible Bosses)

All tragedies, as is well known, come in threes: Julia is the sexually aggressive dentist who has made harassment her life’s work and completely disregards the other person’s discomfort.

Then there’s psychopath Bobby, who takes over his kindhearted father’s family business and destroys it with his discriminatory company policies (he fires “fat people”), drug use, and grotesque sex escapades.

Finally, there’s Dave, who plays sadistic power games with his office workers, pretending to get you a promotion only to take the job himself.

Assassinate your boss. That’s how you advance in your career. (Of course, we’re joking!)

7. Disclosure

Movies About Bosses: Disclosure

Even if our picture suggests otherwise, you don’t usually have a good time with Meredith Johnson as your boss.

On the contrary, if you resist her advances, even if you dare to put your previous relationship with her behind you, you’ll find yourself suddenly facing a sexual harassment complaint.

As usual, the amoral lady responds to your shock and bewilderment by saying, “You have no idea what you’re up against.”

How to Advance in Your Career: Investigate a large-scale corporate conspiracy. It always comes in handy.

8. Entourage (TV Series)

Movies About Bosses: Entourage

The successful Hollywood agent is one of the people who contribute to the dream factory’s bad reputation:

his ego is as big as his private jet and his luxury mansion combined, and his loud vocal organ is powerful enough that his insults can be heard from five blocks away.

Ari can insult, discriminate, and lie like no one else, and insults at a rate of 10,000 per minute are not uncommon.

People of different skin colors and LGBTIQ people are primarily there to be discriminated against. Women are nothing more than a man’s ribs, and money rules the world, particularly Ari’s.

After a week of working with him, you’ll be able to handle anything-or you’ll end up in a psychiatric facility.

Here’s how to work your way up the corporate ladder: Accept his machism.Let’s hug it out, bitch!” apology with meekness.

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9. The Simpsons (TV Series)

The Simpsons
Movies About Bosses: The Simpsons

For over three decades, Mr. Burns has terrorized Homer Simpson in every way imaginable. Charles Montgomery Burns is not only evil in every sense of the word, but he’s also greedy, corrupt, and downright ugly.

He rules over Springfield’s nuclear power plant with ruthless ruthlessness and an iron hand. Should this go viral because of Homer, he’d only have his devilishly famous laugh to fall back on.

People are nothing more than servants to him; he attacks strangers with his bloodthirsty dogs, steals sweets from babies, and has even stolen Christmas.

How to Climb the Corporate Ladder: Do exactly what he says, every time. At the very least, you’ll avoid breaking your neck if you don’t fall down the ladder.

10. The Proposal

The Proposal
Movies About Bosses: The Proposal

Margarete Tate may be attractive and always well-dressed, but she is (ostensibly) cold-hearted, demanding, and accustomed to getting her way.

She only tolerates employees who are devoted to their work and for whom a personal life is nothing more than a distraction in the battle against the corporate lions.

When she is threatened with deportation to Canada, it’s not surprising that she expects her assistant to marry her.

She must have completed the “professional distance” course as part of her education.
The best way to advance in your career is to marry her.

11. Scrubs

Movies About Bosses: Scrubs

Don’t be fooled by that endearing grandfather’s face: Chief Physician Bob Kelso is a nihilist who is selfish, grumpy, disloyal, and lazy.

Patients and his staff are faceless, obnoxious people who keep him from napping during work hours or think that money is more important to him than giving back.

While this could all be a protective defense mechanism, statements like “It’s not my job to care” aren’t going to win Kelso the award for boss of the year.

Bring money into the house to climb the corporate ladder. Allow him to sleep.

12. The Office (TV Series)

The Office
Movies About Bosses: The Office

David Brent is the director of Wernham Hogg, a British wholesale paper company with an open-plan office.

His basic demeanor is at once relaxed and arrogant, and his leadership and entertainment abilities are grossly exaggerated, but only by himself.

Nobody laughs harder at his mostly politically incorrect jokes than he does. Brent speaks before he thinks, but that doesn’t stop him from behaving like a peacock in the office.

He avoids conflict at all costs, but he craves recognition. This is the point at which one’s own image and that of others diverge dramatically.

Get ahead in business by laughing at his jokes, flattering him whenever possible, and saving him from himself.

13. The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada
Movies About Bosses: The Devil Wears Prada

Everyone admires as well as fears: Miranda Priestly, the Editor-in-Chief of the fashion bible “Runway” and the most powerful person in the fashion jungle, is an Ice Queen, as the book states: “All it takes is a raised eyebrow to destroy your entire career.”

Miranda’s obscenely expensive stilettos clatter down the aisle, making her employees sweat while also causing them to lose weight, because she doesn’t accept overweight people any more than she does people with no fashion sense.

Everything has to live up to her high expectations, from iced coffee to safety pins, and it’s not her problem if she wants a Harry Potter book that doesn’t exist yet. “Details of your incompetence do not interest me,” says the narrator.

How to Advance Up the Corporate Food Chain: Personify perfection (and punctuality!).

From her eyes, you can read her every wish. Allowing yourself to make mistakes is also a no-no. Not even close to being the tiniest.

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