Can You Bring Hair Clippers on a Plane?

Can you bring hair clippers on a plane? For whatever reason, you decide to carry your hair clippers on a trip.

It’s very uncommon to fly with a pair of hair clippers, but is it okay to bring them along in your carry-on or do you have to check them? Take a peek around, we want you to look your best while you go on vacation!

What Is a Hair Clipper?

Hair clippers are devices used to cut hair at various lengths, with blades that can be adjusted to provide lengths between 1/8 inch and 3 inches. They are often used by barbers in traditional barber shops. However, people who use clippers at home may also use them.

Can You Bring Hair Clippers on a Plane?

Can You Bring Hair Clippers on a Plane
Can You Bring Hair Clippers on a Plane

Yes. Hair clippers are allowed on planes, according to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). You can include a hair clipper in your checked luggage or your carry-on luggage.

It is safer to keep your clippers in your carry-on. TSA recommends bringing a fully charged battery with you, just in case the clipper runs out of power. If you are flying with kids, make sure to pack safety goggles.

While most planes come equipped with safety masks, many kids won’t wear them or will take them off. Other items you may want to pack for your kids include baby powder, lotion, lip balm, or Vaseline, depending on the climate.

You can also pack snacks to keep your kids fueled during the flight.

The Difference Between a Hair Trimmer and a Hair Clipper

The difference between a hair trimmer and a hair clipper is that the hair clipper cuts the hair into different lengths. In other words, a hair clipper has a blade that is positioned so it cuts the hair at different lengths. Where to find a hair clipper

You can find these in specialty electrical equipment stores, on Amazon, or by visiting your local tool retailer. It is not always easy to find the right product in stores, so it’s easier to shop online.

The blades on a hair clipper are often designed to cut both short and long hair. They are generally more durable than the blades on a trimmer, which are intended to cut only short hair.

The TSA Guidelines for Bringing Hair Clippers on a Plane

When it comes to flying, the safety of the passengers is the responsibility of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Keeping explosives and weapons off of planes is their primary responsibility. Heavy things, such as bludgeons and volatile liquids, must be controlled since they might be used as weapons.

The TSA website has a screengrab concerning hair clippers:

The TSA Guidelines for Bringing Hair Clippers
can you bring hair clippers on a plane

The TSA does not consider hair clippers to be a hazard despite the fact that they contain blades. Keep in mind that TSA officers always have the last say when it comes to whether or not you may bring hair clippers onto a plane in your carry-on luggage.

If you’d like, you can also check a pair of hair clippers with your checked luggage. Hair clippers with a lithium-ion battery, even if cordless, can be checked in your luggage.

How to Pack Hair Clippers?

It can be annoying to spend extra time finding the right packing for your clippers. As handymen, we might often end up in situations where we’re traveling for work or leisure.

This article includes several examples of the things you might want to bring with you on a trip. Clippers Case

Placing your hair clippers inside a hard carrying case can help them stay in better condition. Place the case inside a soft-sided carrying bag and your clippers will be protected on all sides.

The plastic interior of the case helps protect the blades, too. If you’re traveling with other items, you can use the space in the bag to store them.

Clippers Case from THE CASE CLIPPER has a unique design that provides maximum protection for your scissors and cutters. The case is constructed of durable nylon with an easy-to-clean textured finish. A tough nylon carrying strap allows you to tote the case conveniently.

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