How to Pack Shoes In Suitcase in 10 Easy Steps (June 2022)

How to Pack Shoes in Suitcase – Shoe addiction and limited luggage weight don’t always mix!

You’ll have to get creative if you’re going on vacation or a weekend trip soon and need to fit as many pairs as possible into the smallest amount of space. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of our top ten suitcase-saving tips.

How to Pack Shoes in Suitcase – A Genius Guide

How to Pack Shoes in Suitcase
How to Pack Shoes in Suitcase

All shoe addicts are familiar with the headache of having to choose the pairs of shoes that will accompany you on weekends or vacations, and finding the chosen ones can be difficult!

When traveling by plane, train, or carpooling, for example, you must sometimes be aware of how to limit your weight or the size of your luggage. That means you’ll have to leave your 65 pairs of sneakers at home.

Fortunately, there are a few tricks to help you save some space in your suitcase and possibly bring a pair of flip-flops!

So, follow the instructions and get ready to properly store your suitcase: we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 suggestions to ensure that your shoes don’t take up too much room in your luggage.

1. Cover and Protect Your Shoes

Cover and Protect Your Shoes
how to pack shoes in suitcase

Your shoes won’t be squeaky clean unless they’ve just come out of the cardboard box. ]

To avoid getting your clothes dirty, wrap them in a shoe bag, a fabric shopping bag, a garbage bag, a canvas tote bag, or a large piece of fabric that you can tie to keep them clean.

To protect the soles, you can even use paper or non-woven hair caps; they work well and are frequently found in hotels! The general idea is to use reusable bags or washable fabrics rather than disposable ones (# green).

2. Opt for Flexible and Flat Shoes

Flexible and Flat Shoes
how to pack shoes in suitcase

It’s better if you can do without your 15 cm pumps and your 4 kg Timberland boots! You’ll be able to save both space and weight.

Espadrilles, flip-flops, low sneakers, flat sandals, canvas sneakers, flexible running shoes, or Spartans are examples of flat, flexible, and light shoes.

If you really want to wear your heels, go to the next point!

3. Place the Heels on the Bottom

Place the Heels on the Bottom
how to pack shoes in suitcase

Are wedge sandals and printed pumps a summer must-have for you? It’s no problem. Place them in the bottom of the suitcase, as flat as possible, after covering them.

Then, at the height of your shoes, fill in the gaps with pencil cases, vanity cases, socks, or folded clothes to create a roughly flat surface.

Clothes, towels, and other items can then be used to fill in the gaps more easily.

4. Wear Your Heaviest Shoes During the Ride

Wear your heaviest shoes on the trip to save space and lighten your suitcase as much as possible!

So, while the Dr. Martens boots aren’t the most comfortable on a plane if your feet are swollen, they won’t cause you to lose 5 kilos of luggage if you wear them.

At the very least, you should pack a small pair of flip flops or super light ballet flats in your hand luggage so that you can remove them for the duration of the flight, train, or car trip, for example. Clever!

5. Place the Sole of Your Shoes Outwards

Place your shoes with the soles facing out against the edges of your suitcase. You’ll save a few centimeters by laying them flat against the edges of your suitcase, and you’ll be able to fill the empty space much more easily.

6. Stuff Your Shoes With Small Items

Fill your shoes with small items to fill the empty space: rolled up socks, small cases, telephone cables, chargers, batteries, sunglasses cases, hairdressing accessories, earplugs, sleeping masks, etc.

Just double-check that you have them. To avoid any odor issues, place them in small sachets, pouches, or fabric.

7. Roll Your Clothes

Roll up your clothes and store them vertically to save space and fit more shoes in your suitcase: sailor tops, boyfriend jeans, T-shirts, flowery dresses, swimsuits, pleated skirts, denim shorts, and so on.

You’ll see what I mean when I say you’ll win a crazy place! For instance, a small pair of dressy sandals!

8. Use Double Bottoms and Nets

If your suitcase has a false bottom or a net, this is the ideal time to use it to store all of your pairs of shoes, either flat or one on top of the other. These will encroach on your clothes and toilet bags less and will, more importantly, dirty them less.

9. Use a Shoe Organizer

You can store your shoes outside of your suitcase with mini-suitcases or shoe organizers.

If you’re taking the train, for example, you can carry them in your hand luggage or attach them to the telescopic rod of your suitcase. It won’t be much more bothersome, and you’ll save space in your suitcase.

10. Vacuum Your Shoes

If you need to pack shoes that are a little bulkier, such as running shoes or platform shoes, we recommend using a vacuum to compress them as much as possible. They’ll take up a little less room, and you’ll be able to stack them more easily.

That’s it; you’re all set to enjoy the holidays to the fullest!

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