Can You Listen to Spotify on a Plane?

Can You Listen to Spotify on a Plane? Millions of music fans use Spotify each month. However, there is confusion over whether you can listen to it on an airplane.

This article aims to answer all questions and resolve any ambiguity about the topic. To kick start the discussion, we’ll look at why certain streaming services such as Spotify might be blocked in planes and airports.

Are music rights holders trying to force customers back to more expensive alternatives? For customers, I’ll walk through how some people are finding ways around these blocks so they can listen to.

We’ll even look at how customers in some countries can circumvent these blocks. With the conclusion, we’ll discuss how to use Spotify on an airplane in two simple steps.

Can You Listen to Spotify on a Plane?

Can You Listen to Spotify on a Plane?
Can You Listen to Spotify on a Plane?

If you have Spotify Premium, you can listen to music while in airplane mode. Just go to your library and turn on offline mode to use it.

It’s possible to cancel Spotify at any time, so you may sign up for a one-month subscription to Spotify Premium and use it while flying. You can then cancel it before the subscription ends.

If you don’t want to pay for Spotify Premium, you can use your Spotify free trial and listen to their library while in airplane mode.

Why Might Streaming Services Be Blocked in Airports?

First, let’s take a look at why music rights holders are so keen to restrict these services. Many music rights holders are trying to minimize piracy by restricting access to streaming services in airplanes.

If the focus is on reducing piracy, this strategy may seem logical. But if you ask the music rights holders, they will probably say that this is actually hurting them. It’s creating a second market for piracy.

By restricting these services, the amount of money music rights holders get is reduced. This reduces their profit and consequently decreases their revenue.

If the goal is to increase their profits, then this could be seen as counterproductive. It could also reduce sales by discouraging customers from buying music.

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How To Play Spotify On An Airplane Without A Premium Account?

How To Play Spotify On An Airplane
can you listen to spotify on a plane

1. Wifi On The Airplane

If you have a working internet connection, you may use the free Spotify version to stream music. You are not allowed to use your cell phone while flying. Before boarding the plane, make sure your phone is on airplane mode.

If you can connect to the in-flight wi-fi, you’ll have access to the internet the entire time you’re flying. Passengers on certain flights like JetBlue are given free access to the internet. Other airlines impose a surcharge.

2. Convert Spotify Music Using A 3rd Party App

Spotify cannot be used on an aircraft unless you have a premium membership or connect to the in-flight wi-fi, which is expensive.

However, you may convert your Spotify playlists to mp3 using a desktop music converter tool for Windows or OS X. Once you’ve downloaded the files, you may listen to them whenever you like, even if you don’t have an internet connection.


How To Listen To Spotify Music On Airplane
can you listen to spotify on a plane?

There are two ways to listen to Spotify while flying. Alternatively, you may use the plane’s wi-fi connection to access the Internet. If it doesn’t work, you’ll have to use an app like VLC player to listen to mp3 files on your phone.

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