Gifts for Pilots That Aren’t Too Expensive

Gifts for Pilots- There are a lot of great presents for pilots out there, and I’m going to share some of my favorites with you in this post.

Buying a gift for a pilot might be difficult if you’re not in the aviation industry. They do, however, have a secret preference for flying devices.

There are a plethora of fantastic aircraft-themed presents available online, even if most people don’t have the newest issue of Trade-a-Plane on hand when they’re shopping for their loved ones.

Pilot gifts may be divided into a few broad types. For starters, the cockpit and crew lounge are equipped with a variety of devices and technologies.

In this category, you can find everything from high-end aircraft headsets to low-tech accessories like battery chargers.

Other aeronautical-themed accents may be seen throughout their residence. Bar settings, wall paintings, and even airplane ties are available for those of you with aviator friends who like to dress up.

Here are 15 presents that every pilot will appreciate, including the top options for tech enthusiasts, pilot home décor, and lifestyle devices they can’t live without.

6 Cool Tech Gifts for Pilots

Even the most seasoned pilots aren’t exempt from their love of gadgetry. Shopping for tech presents, on the other hand, necessitates an understanding of the pilot’s cockpit routines.

The stuff you need to fill your flight pack are probably already in there because most pilots buy what they need.

1. Backup Battery for Devices

Backup Battery for Devices
gifts for pilots

There are few things more convenient to have in your flying backpack than a spare battery for your gadgets. These power packs may be used to recharge any tiny gadget.

Unlike vehicles, many vintage planes don’t have auxiliary outlets, therefore pilots can use these devices to charge their devices.

These batteries are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. This compact 12,000mAh model has a built-in power converter for any gadget, which may be of interest to your pilot pals.

Some variants come equipped with a solar panel built in, while others are more durable (that one also has a nice 20 percent off coupon). Alternatively, if your pilot prefers to keep things simple, this high-capacity slim-line variant is all you need.

2. Airpods are Apple’s wireless headphones.

Airpods are Apple's wireless headphones
Gifts for Pilots

Airpods are a pair of Bluetooth headphones that are simple to use. They look and feel precisely like the previous earbuds, but without the bothersome cord twist.

This package includes everything your pilot needs to use any phone, including a wireless charging case. They do, however, operate better with Apple devices.

On extended cross-country flights, some small plane pilots may be persuaded to utilize Airpods under their headsets, although this is the exception rather than the rule.

Pilots, on the other hand, adore the usefulness of these Airpods for usage during their leisure while waiting for passengers or for the weather to clear up in pilot lounges!

3. Paperwhite Kindle

Paperwhite Kindle
Gifts for Pilots

Additionally, a Kindle Paperwhite would be a great gift for a pilot who likes to read. For those who like to read in black and white, these gadgets are a good fit.

Waterproof and glare-free displays make them ideal for outdoor use. Because they’re so compact and have long-lasting batteries, they’re a great option for those on the go.

If you subscribe to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program, you can obtain one for free. Send them to the library’s website instead. E-book loans are now available for free from several publishers.

4. Handheld NAV/COM From Icom

Handheld NAV/COM From Icom
Gifts for Pilots

Let’s move on from the general tech toys and speak about some useful pilot gear instead. This is a wonderful present for pilots, but especially for those who are just beginning to fly.

A portable radio should be a standard part of every pilot’s kit. They are a low-cost option that may be utilized when the plane’s systems start to fail.

But they’re also fantastic for piloting on a day-to-day basis. These are a favorite among instructors who want to keep an ear on their students on those tense solo flights.

While driving to and from the airport, pilots may tune in to local circumstances by listening to ATIS and weather reports broadcast a few miles away.

5. Delta Smartwatch or Garmin D2 Air

Delta Smartwatch or Garmin D2 Air
Gifts for Pilots

Even while smartwatches haven’t taken off yet, there are a few instances in which they come in useful. As we all know, they have a positive impact on our health and fitness. However, certain companies, such as those in the aviation industry, are making significant progress.

The best illustration of this is this Garmin. Using a GPS-enabled watch, pilots can access a slew of useful aviation apps.
Devices that include a pulse oxygen sensor and a barometric altimeter are particularly useful. One cautionary note, please.

Two aviation-themed smartwatches are available from Garmin. Despite its smaller size and lower price, the D2 Air still has GPS and a host of useful flight-planning capabilities.

It’s the company’s most feature-rich model. It is compatible with Garmin flight decks that are properly networked.

6. A Brand New Headset

A Brand New Headset
Gifts for Pilots

Consider upgrading their headset as a pilot present. It is not uncommon for pilots to begin their training using an inexpensive headset. For an extra unique present, you might get one of these top-of-the-line headsets for them.

At our flight school, the Bose A20 is a sought-after headset. It’s a great product, and the warranty and service provided by Bose are excellent.

6 Gifts for a Legendary Pilot Crashpad

A genuine present for a loved one is more meaningful than a useful tech device. I like receiving gifts that aren’t only about my profession, but instead are meant to make my life more enjoyable and comfortable. 

1. Print of an Airplane Spotter

Print of an Airplane Spotter
Gifts for Pilots

These one-of-a-kind antique airplane spotter prints may be used to adorn their hangar or house. These posters are modeled by the cards that were distributed to the public during World War II to assist them in identifying the types of aircraft passing above.

A gallery wall is a terrific way to show off your passion for flying. You may see the whole collection of prints by clicking on the link above.

2. “Their” Plane Model

"Their" Plane Model
Gifts for Pilots

For every pilot, there has to be a few role models. When it comes to giving a present, there are two options.
You might begin by giving them a replica of the plane they currently use. It’s also possible to buy them a replica of the plane they’d most want to fly.

There are realistic painted models as well as attractive carved wood models available online for those interested in military fighters, historical flying vehicles, or cutting-edge commercial airliners.

3. Decanter for Whiskey

Here’s a present that’s a little more sophisticated. This wine decanter is a work of art in its own right. It would be a great addition to your pilot friend’s bar at home.

There are a variety of airplanes across the world, some of which come with matching eyewear.

4. Wooden Prop Replica

Wooden Prop Replica
Gifts for Pilots

A propeller is an excellent present for pilots because you can nearly always find one at a pilot’s house. Replica of World War I propeller is seen. It’s a gorgeous addition to any home, and it’s especially appropriate for pilots.

In addition to being used as a standalone piece, it may also be incorporated into other elements of the home, such as tables or bars.

5. Scratch-Off Travel Poster with World Map

Scratch-Off Travel Poster with World Map
Gifts for Pilots

The love of travel is a common reason for becoming a pilot. When it comes to someone who takes advantage of their “standby” rights on a regular basis, they must have a global map in their home. They can use this one to mark off the nations or states they’ve been to.

6. Airplane Blueprint Poster as Wall Art

Airplane Blueprint Poster as Wall Art
Gifts for Pilots

Airplane wall art is a sure bet. It’s time for another another attempt at picking their favorite plane! A Boeing 777, for example, or an F-16 combat jet, may be seen here in its blueprint form.

The Top 5 Best Gifts for Pilots

Final presents for the FAA certificated’s lifestyle are presented here. These presents are both functional and meaningful at a lower cost.

1. Yeti Water Bottle With Insulation

Keeping hydrated on a plane is no easy task. When flying in hot climates, tiny planes are renowned for being extremely hot. The air is drier and cooler at higher altitudes. Safety concerns for pilots include hydration.

Your pilot buddies will appreciate the convenience of an insulated stainless steel water bottle. It’s indestructible, can be cleaned, spill-proof, and will keep cold and hot items at their ideal temperatures for long periods of time.

2. Sunglasses by Ray-Ban Aviator

Pilots will appreciate receiving sunglasses as a present. They’re a need for every pilot, much like a water bottle. Many pilots are finicky when it comes to the styles and lenses they wear while flying, much like those who shop for shoes.

Polarized lenses are often avoided by pilots as a rule of thumb. Ray-original Ban’s aviators are a classic style that will never go out of style.

3. Space Pen by Fisher

Even if contemporary cockpits are equipped with technological gadgets, many plane pilots still prefer to write things down using a pen and paper. In spite of this, pilots frequently scribble in confined quarters and at odd angles.

NASA’s first astronauts were the first to utilize these pens. It can write at any angle and temperature since the pen is pressurized.

4. TRX Workout Kit

As a result, many pilots are forced to lead a more sedentary lifestyle than they want.
Even though pilots spend a large portion of their time in cramped cockpits eating on the run, working out can be a challenge.

Gifting pilots a portable workout gear is an excellent idea. Suspension training may be done anywhere, even in the tiniest of hotel rooms.

5. Wingman Leatherman

A good multitool is a must-have item in every plane’s carry-on luggage. Leatherman tools are ideal for pilots because of their needle-nose pliers, which are both practical and infinitely useful.

Don’t you think the “Wingman” model is very appropriate? As a pilot myself, this is one of my all-time favorite presents to give.
“Signal” is another model that I’m a big admirer of.

Ornament or Stocking with a Personalized Airplane

Personalize an aircraft ornament for their Christmas tree this year and make it really one-of-a-kind. These decorations are ideal for a soon-to-be pilot or new pilot themselves.

Fill one of these personalized airplane stockings with other aviation-themed items for a fun and creative way to say thank you.

1. Pilots’ Literature

There are a number of aviation-related books that you may buy for a pilot who has some spare time. One of my favorite presents for pilots is a book. They’ll find a variety of aviation books in this section.

In the beginning stages of flight training, these are the finest books to assist them prepare for their checkride and FAA written exam.


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