How Much Do Hostess Make?

How much do Hostess make? It’s a question that many people have been asking for some time now. With the recent bankruptcy of Hostess, people have been wondering just how much Hostess employees are making and if they will get paid after the company shuts down. In this article, we explore what Hostess employees earn on average, as well as how their salaries compare to those in other industries.

How Much Do Hostess Make?

How Much Do Hostess Make
How Much Do Hostess Make

One of the most common questions we get is “How much do Hostess employees make?” When we researched this question, we found that Hostess employees’ salaries fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.

Hostess employees’ salaries tend to be near the national average and significantly lower than those in other industries. For example, Hostess workers make $25,000 less than those in the food manufacturing industry and $20,000 less than those in the baking and pastry industry.

If you’re wondering what you should do with your Hostess job, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. We’ve created a list of some of the best Hostess job alternatives that you should consider.

The Average Hostess Salary by State

The Average Hostess Salary by State
how much do hostess make

The average Hostess salary varies depending on the state in which you live. On average, Hostess employees in Georgia make $13.53 an hour, while Hostess employees in California make $14.14 an hour.

Interestingly, Hostess employees in Georgia make more than Hostess employees in California. The average Hostess salary in Georgia is $8,847 a year, while the average Hostess salary in California is $6,154 a year.

It should be noted that the average Hostess salary varies depending on the position that an individual holds. For example, a full-time Baker at Hostess earns a higher average salary than a part-time Baker at the company.

How Hostess Salaries Compare to Other Industries

How Hostess Salaries Compare to Other Industries
how much do hostess make

Hostess employees earn on average $12.00 per hour. That’s slightly below the national average of $13.00 per hour. However, Hostess employees earn more than employees in other industries,

like finance and insurance, education, and government. Hostess employees also earn more than the minimum wage, which is $7.25 per hour.

Hostess employee salaries are relatively low for the most part. However, Hostess employees are able to work flexible hours and they are eligible for overtime pay, which can increase their salaries significantly.

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Why Hostess Went Bankrupt

The bankruptcy of Hostess has left many people wondering if the company will still be paying their employees.

The Hostess company filed for bankruptcy in 2004 and yet, in 2012, the company was able to make a comeback. But the comeback was short lived and the company filed for bankruptcy again in 2013.

The reasons for the bankruptcy can be attributed to many factors, such as high overhead costs, low quality products, and a lack of brand recognition.

However, the main factor that contributed to Hostess going bankrupt in 2013 was a Union strike in 2012 and the company’s failure to come to an agreement with the Union.

The strike caused Hostess to lose $9 million a week and in January of 2013, they were forced to lay off most of their 18,500 employees. The Union strike caused the Hostess company to overspend their budget by more than $100 million.

Hostess may still be paying their employees after the bankruptcy. While it is unclear whether Hostess will be paying their employees during this bankruptcy process, many employees have had their paychecks delayed by one week.


It can be difficult to get accurate information about Hostess salaries because there are so many factors that contribute to what employees are paid.

However, it seems that Hostess employees are paid an average of $13.00 to $17.00 per hour, which is lower than the national average of $18.00 per hour.

Hostess employees also suffer from benefits being slashed in recent years, with the company instituting a freeze on health care benefits in 2010.

Hostess employees will not get paid after the company shuts down, so it is important for former Hostess employees to learn about the benefits they are eligible for and how they can apply for them.

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