Jetblue Flight Attendant Salary

Jetblue Flight Attendant Salary– Everyone on board, even the flight attendants, may get a thrill out of a departing aircraft (also known as Inflight Crew Members at JetBlue).
To the flight attendant, a takeoff signals the beginning of their hourly wage.
When it comes to the pay of JetBlue flight attendants, there are a number of variables that play a role.

Do JetBlue Airways Flight Attendants Get Paid a Good Salary?

Jetblue Flight Attendant Salary
Jetblue Flight Attendant Salary

JetBlue Airways’ flight attendants have a starting salary of $25,000 to $35,000. Per diem, overseas travel, position, vacation and redeye are all included in this remuneration. However, senior flight attendants might earn up to $100,000 per year.

A flight attendant’s salary is difficult to predict because of the many variables involved, such as seniority, shift patterns, and specialized roles. But you should anticipate this.

Salary Factors for Flight Attendants


When it comes to a flight attendant’s income and schedule, seniority is everything.

A seniority-based system is used by most airlines, including JetBlue, in which the oldest and longest-serving flight attendant is considered the most senior.

As a result, the youngest and most recently hired flight attendant is the most inexperienced one.

There is a “seniority list” for flight attendants at JetBlue and each one is assigned a number.

There are two reasons why seniority is important: salary and flight scheduling.
During your first month on the job, you get a raise for the next year.

The straight scale hourly salary for senior flight attendants is $56.40 after 13 years, while the beginning premium scale hourly rate is $21.00.

As additional flight attendants are hired by JetBlue, you’ll rise in rank relative to the newcomers.

As you become older and JetBlue adds additional flight attendants to its roster, you’ll have greater flexibility in terms of your work schedule as well as a higher hourly wage.

On the beginning of every month, you’ll have the opportunity to bid (choose) the schedules for the following month.

If you’re a veteran flight attendant, you’ll usually get the best schedules since you’re more experienced.


At JetBlue, a timetable is more important than anything else!

Schedules seem to be quite intricate and difficult to understand at first sight.
A good flight attendant will rapidly understand the ins and outs of scheduling so that they may get the most out of their money.

Several official guides, social media sites, and coworkers are more than eager to aid and educate new recruits how to bid for their month-to-month timetables.

A line, a lowered lower limit, and a reserve schedule are the three primary assignments for which you bid throughout the bidding process.


The term “line” refers to a monthly timetable (you have and you know your monthly schedule of trips ahead of time).

They’ll know precisely when and where they’re flying since they’re flight attendants. Isn’t this the greatest sounding option?

In my view, there is no better alternative.

When you reach the age when you can hold a line instead of being on reserve, your professional and personal lives dramatically change (on call, just like nurses and firefighters).

If you’re a line crew member, you’ll always prefer a line, but that’s the joy of having so many alternatives when it comes to scheduling your own shifts.

Then again, a lot will rely on your level of seniority with the airline at the time of your request.


Our bidding platform does not have the capacity to award a flight attendant at least 70 hours, thus they are issued an RLL (also known as a half line).

Approximately 35 hours of specified travels will be allotted to them.

Having the option to take extra travels while working for an RLL is a great perk.

That means that excursions may be purchased via the computerized trading board.

Flight attendants may use the computerized trading board to drop flights, exchange (swap) excursions, and pick up trips.

Reserve days of at least 70 hours will be allotted to flight attendants who do not pick up extra hours via our open time pot platform with available flights.


Plan your life in advance by getting a pre-determined flight itinerary for flight attendants who have held a line or RLL position for a long period of time.

There are, however, a number of young flight attendants who will be put on reserve.

Basically, this means that they have to have their phone on them at all times and wait for crew scheduling to contact them on particular days of the month.

Reserve status at JetBlue entails 18 days of on-call work every month. You get 10 hours of on-call time every reserve day.

The day before the reserve day begins, a reserve learns precisely when they are on call.

Your reserve days may include a business trip or an airport standby so that you may be ready for any last-minute flight assignments that may arise during your time on reserve.

A two-hour notice is all that is required for reserves to be ready to go on a short day or four-day excursion during their reserve period.


JetBlue Airways Flight Attendant Salary
jetblue flight attendant salary

A flight attendant may input hundreds of options to complete your monthly bid.

It’s time to have some fun!

It’s great that we have some choice over our schedules while still keeping seniority in mind, as every flight attendant has a different ideal work schedule.

There is a possibility that a JetBlue flight attendant may say:

  • a flying machine (B737, A330)
  • in which (galley, lead)
  • flights with a stopover (destinations where you stay instead of flying back immediately)
  • duration of the journey (e.g. 2-day trips)
  • A pal bids on the auction (choose to bid a line to fly with another Flight Attendant)
  • Flight schedules (early, late, or night)
  • in many cities (such as Paris and Frankfurt),
  • And there are many more things a flight attendant should think about since everything in their schedule has the potential to influence their income in some way.

When it comes to extended layovers, some flight attendants prefer the $2.15 per hour per diem rate, while others prefer to be flying and earning their higher hourly wages.

Night override money will be provided if you love flying redeyes (night flights).

International excursions, jobs, and holiday pay are all methods to make additional money on top of your hourly salary.

As a flight attendant, your income is closely tied to these characteristics of your work schedule.


Even while seniority and scheduling are the most essential factors in determining a JetBlue flight attendant’s income, there are several unique roles in which they might earn more money.

The following are some of the additional duties that a flight attendant may have to perform:

  • it is the language of travel (LOD)
  • operational knowledge gained in the air (IOE)
  • It’s a good one
  • The captain of the ship
  • Moreover, there may be additional specific responsibilities announced by management.

A multilingual person who is proficient in Spanish may work as a language of destination (LOD) flight attendant, which is a popular role. At least twice a month, a LOD is required to speak Spanish on a plane.

Public announcements in Spanish and other scenarios on board necessitate the use of Spanish-speaking crewmembers. For each flight that they are a LOD for, they are paid an additional hourly wage.

Flight attendants may apply for and serve in an inflight operational experience (IOE) job or a blue review post, both of which provide additional income and a chance to gain new skills and experience.

New recruits are evaluated by an IOE position that follows FAA requirements. This role aids in the recruiting process for new crew members.


It’s not only about where and when you travel; it’s also about how much or how little time you spend in the office.

Regardless of the kind of assignment, a flight attendant’s monthly schedule will typically include at least 70 hours each month.

As a full-time flight attendant, they may work up to 150 hours per week and as little as 60 hours per week.

This equates to a substantial difference in monthly hourly earnings!

Straight pay and premium pay are available at JetBlue Airways.

You should choose a pay scale that corresponds to the number of hours you anticipate to work in a given month.

Straight pay is preferable if you work less hours, such as 70 flight hours.

It takes 88 hours to break even.

In the event that you work above 88 hours, you should choose for the premium scale, which pays a higher hourly rate after you clock in at 70 hours.

The straight pay scale is preferable if you work less than 88 hours a month.

Flight attendants at JetBlue are paid $56.40 per hour, with a maximum of 13 years on the job.

In other words, the flight attendant probably only works around 88 hours a month, or less.

There are exceptions to this, such as a 13-year-old mother who works 100 hours a week.
Once you’ve worked 70 hours, you’ll earn $77.07 per hour on the premium scale.

Having two pay scales might seem perplexing, but it is supposed to provide a level playing field for people who want to work full time but can only commit to the bare minimum in terms of hours, while simultaneously providing an incentive for those who want to work more.

Flights by JetBlue Payscales for Basic Salary and Exceptional Salary

Seniority Premium
Base rate Premium rate Base rate
1 – 6 months 21.00 31.50 n/a
7 – 12 months 23.70 35.55 26.02
1 year 25.86 38.79 28.39
2 years 27.78 41.67 30.49
3 years 29.76 44.64 32.66
4 years 32.06 48.09 35.19
5 years 35.36 53.04 38.82
6 years 38.32 57.48 42.05
7 years 39.78 59.67 43.66
8 years 41.10 61.65 45.12
9 years 42.78 64.17 46.95
10 years 44.48 66.72 48.81
11 years 46.56 69.84 51.10
12 years 51.38 77.07 56.40

A two-year employee will get $30.49 in straight pay and $27.78 in premium pay.

There is a 13-year limit for flight attendants at JetBlue, with a straight hourly salary of $56.40 and a beginning premium rate of $21.00. After 70 hours of labor, you should choose to be on the premium scale since you will be paid a higher hourly rate.

On the premium scale, for example, the base rate is $51.38 until you work 70 hours and then you get $77.07 afterwards if you are on the 13 years pay scale. You might make money working more than 88 hours a week on the premium rate at the age of 13! If you work fewer than 88 hours in a week, you should choose to be paid on the straight scale at $56.40 instead.

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Flight attendants on reserve for the first year of their career make a pittance compared to those who work full time.

A monthly salary of $1470, excluding deductions, is $21 per hour multiplied by 70 hours per week.

These numbers may go up for the reserve flight attendant with extended layovers and redeye flights (or other methods to earn money), but the first year as a flight attendant may be financially challenging.

On top of their guaranteed 70 hours, JetBlue reserve flight attendants may now pick up an extra 20 additional flight hours that they will be compensated for.

Flight Attendants working for JetBlue Airways are entitled to a salary.

How Much Do JetBlue Airways Flight Attendants Make?
jetblue flight attendant salary

Flight attendants at JetBlue are paid on the 8th and the 20th of each month.

Since there is an 18-day gap between the 20th and 8th paychecks for flight attendants, this is exceedingly unusual and contentious.

Payroll on the 8th includes additional compensation such as premium scale, per diem, red-eye pay, overseas pay, credit card bonuses, and other considerations.

You will only get your 35-hour base pay rate for the second time on the 20th.


Many factors influence the amount of money you take home, such as your personal preferences and financial status.

Tax withholdings for most JetBlue flight attendants include social security and Medicare contributions.

A disability tax and a family leave tax are in place in the state of New York.

More than half of JetBlue flight attendants choose to remove some money from their paychecks for themselves and their families.

Health care, dental, 401k, health savings account, short-term disability, stock acquisitions, and ROTH IRA deductions are included in these deductions.

If you have a lot of seniority and a well-planned schedule, you may earn an outstanding pay while simultaneously taking advantage of fantastic flying perks.

It is inevitable that a flight attendant will rise in rank and earn more money as JetBlue continues to grow.

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