Why Are Grant Boxing Gloves So Expensive?

Boxing is an expensive sport. From the cost of the equipment to the monthly gym membership fees, it can add up quickly.

One of the most important pieces of equipment for a boxer is a good pair of gloves. Grant boxing gloves are some of the most popular gloves on the market, but they come with a high price tag.

Because there isn’t much to draw attention to about the Grant boxing gloves, other than their high-quality gloss and attractiveness, many people are curious about why the Grant boxing gloves cost so much.

When compared to the cost of other top-tier boxing gloves, Grant’s price tag is more than twice as much.

Although the excessive price of these boxing gloves may discourage some potential purchasers, there is no doubt that their exceptional quality will set a higher standard for future boxing glove designs.

An investigation into the details of Grant’s boxing gloves demonstrates that the ultimate cost is affected by both the design and the production processes.

Reasons Why Are Grant Boxing Gloves So Expensive

Why Are Grant Boxing Gloves So Expensive?
Why Are Grant Boxing Gloves So Expensive?

It’s hard for me to believe that gloves could cost $175+ per pair, but the best boxing gloves are extremely expensive. The Grant Boxing Gloves are one of those types of gloves which can break the bank but make you a better fighter in the ring.

There are many reasons why these gloves are so expensive and this article will discuss each of them:

1. Quality Leather Linings

Some gloves are lined with very low quality leather as they use fake leather to make the glove look more real.

With fake leather, the inner padding compresses over time and, as a result of being compressed, you get holes and other problems (with no one noticing until it’s too late!).

2. High-Quality Padding

The padding is what makes a good pair of gloves. There are certain qualities required for padding to ensure safety, such as smoothness and plushness; the latter is most important in order to prevent the impact from reaching your wrists and elbows.

The foam used for boxing gloves is usually soft foam that makes up the thickest part of the glove, but some specialty Grant boxing gloves use other types of foam that can make it easier or more difficult to land punches on your opponent.

3. The Teeth Are Good For Striking

The material used to make the bite inside of the glove is very important. Without teeth, the wearer will not have enough power to fight back when their hand gets hit.

4. Protective Layers

The protective layer is part of the padding that has been glued onto the glove, so this part is also fairly important.

It can be made of leather or another type of material that protects your knuckles from getting hit by punches and other objects also coming into contact with your skin and hands.

The most common material used to create protective layers is leather. As one of the most durable and natural materials, its use in boxing gloves is unsurpassed.

Leather is also extremely protective and gives a good level of support, which are things you need to have from your gloves if you plan on sparring or fighting at full-speed.

5. Wrist Protectors

The wrist protector is a protective layer that protects your hands from getting injured when you are punched in the face.

Some gloves contain one, some gloves contain more than one. This part is very important to avoid hurting yourself and it’s always better to have more than one of them.

Another material used to make wrist protectors is leather, which is why many of them are made out of the same material as the rest of the glove (leather).

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Grant Boxing Gloves

Advantages of Grant Boxing Gloves
Advantages of Grant Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are one of the most important pieces of equipment to a boxer.

These gloves have been around for a long time and have gone through many changes, but some people don’t know what the advantages and disadvantages are when it comes to Grant boxing gloves.

1. Advantages of Grant Boxing Gloves

Grant boxing gloves are recognized for their comfort and padding. They’re a great pair to spar and workout in, as well as competitive boxing.

Grant Boxing Gloves also have a patented wrist liner which protects the wrist from injury.

The gel palms that they come with are great add-ons to your gloves that cushion the shock of hand hitting bag and partner, while also absorbing sweat so they last longer than other brands of boxing gloves.

The wrist strap is reversible so it doesn’t get in the way like other brands of boxing gloves.

The leather on the Grant Gloves is very high quality. The outer leather is able to withstand lots of training and hit after hit.

Unlike other gloves, they also do not stretch much over time. This also means they have better support, which reduces the chance of injury to your hands and fingers.

The Grant fight gloves are great for sparring and heavy bag workouts. They last longer than many lower priced brands, but also provide better protection.

These gloves are so well loved that they are often referred to as the “World Famous Grant Gloves”.

Using Grant Boxing Gloves will help you build confidence and get into shape, whether you plan on using them for competition or not.

Use them to workout with a reliable partner, or put them on and throw some combinations at a heavy bag.

2. Disadvantages of Grant Boxing Gloves

While they are a great brand, Grant boxing gloves do have some disadvantages that may not suit your particular fighting style.

The biggest problem is sizing. Some customers have complained that their pair of gloves run too small and need to be returned for a larger size.

Others find the gloves run true to size but are not well-suited for heavier fighters (over 200 pounds.

Another problem with these gloves is the wrist strap. While it is reversible so that you don’t get in the way of your training, it can wear out after a couple of months.

This can cause your glove to come off in a sparring match or heavy bag workout. However, this is not very common for Grant gloves and if you take proper care of them, they should last you for years without any problems.

Finally, many customers have complained about quality control with this brand. They have complained that their gloves come with problems like cracked leather, broken stitches and stitching coming out, as well as stitching coming apart.

If you take proper care of your gloves and treat them gently while they are new, they should hold up just fine. Like any brand of boxing gloves, the quality suffers during the first few months of use.

Simply wash your gloves after each workout and don’t let them get too beat up before returning to the store to exchange them.

3. Conclusion

Grant boxing gloves are a great pair of gloves with lots of positive reviews from customers.

They offer great padding and support that is built with quality leather, giving you the most protection for your sparring sessions and heavy bag workouts for years to come.

They also offer the best wrist support on the market that reduces your chance of injury while practicing your technique.

If you’re looking for a great pair of gloves with professional quality that still won’t break the bank, check out these popular Grant boxing gloves by clicking here.

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