Places to See in Rhodes Island

Places to See in Rhodes Island – Do you imagine idyllic bays and seemingly endless sunny days when you think of Rhodes?

That is correct, but the sunny Greek island has a lot more to offer. You must see these Rhodes sights: medieval castles, a valley full of butterflies, and one of the ancient world’s seven wonders!

13 Places To See in Rhodes Island That’ll Blow Your Mind Away

Rhodes is difficult to sum up in a single sentence, with its ancient ruins, bays framed by rugged cliffs, picturesque villages, and, of course, the bright sun that shines almost every day on the sunny island.

The island’s diversity is immense, and the sights on Rhodes are so diverse that both relaxed sunbathers and sports enthusiasts or hobby archaeologists can enjoy a fantastic vacation here.

Do you want to see the Acropolis of Lindos, learn more about the legendary Colossus of Rhodes, or hike through the Valley of the Butterflies?

This article contains all the pertinent information, including prices and hours of operation, for the top 13 Rhodes attractions.

The top 13 Rhodes attractions

If you’re looking for some interesting attractions to check out on your trip to Rhodes, you’ll want to add these 13 spots to your list. From ancient ruins to beautiful beaches, there’s something for everyone on this list.

1. Rhodes Town

places to see in rhodes island
places to see in rhodes island

Although the Greek island of Rhodes was occupied by a variety of powers, the Knights Hospitaller era left the most lasting imprint.

Many of the forts and buildings constructed at the time are still standing today. Rhodes’ old town has even been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The entire old town is surrounded by a massive city wall, and the medieval street of knights, known as Odos Ippoton, is a testament to the city’s illustrious history.

The cobblestone street has been well preserved, and the buildings’ facades still resemble those of the Middle Ages. The buildings were used as pilgrim and knights’ lodgings at the time.

The parallel Sokratesstrasse is lined with souvenir shops, restaurants, and caf├ęs. It is worthwhile to take a stroll through the old town’s winding streets.

You’ll come across cozy squares, charming little houses, and rustic taverns on a regular basis. Climb the Monte Smith hillside behind Rhodes Town to cap off a long day of sightseeing.

The ruins of an ancient acropolis give a great view of the sea and a part of the city.

Every day in Rhodes town, you can choose from a wide range of tours that take place not only within the town, but also to exciting excursion destinations in the surrounding area.

For example, how about a day trip to Symi, a small neighboring island?

2. Colossus of Rhodes

 Colossus of Rhodes
Places to See in Rhodes Island: Colossus of Rhodes

Although you can’t actually look at this monument anymore, it’s still worth a visit: The Colossus of Rhodes, one of the ancient world’s seven wonders, once stood on the island of Rhodes.

After 12 years of construction, the approximately 30 meter high bronze statue was completed in 292 BC.

According to legend, it was built in honor of the sun god Helios and is said to have straddled the entrance to the Mandraki harbor in Rhodes Town.

However, there are claims that the colossus once stood in the heart of the city, near where the Grand Master’s Palace now stands.

But, no matter where it stood, the statue didn’t do its job for very long, as an earthquake brought it to its knees just 66 years later.

The colossus was destroyed all the way down to its lower legs, and it was probably never rebuilt for fear of collapsing again. Sadly, there are no remains of the Colossus of Rhodes today.

Instead, two stone pillars with a hind and a stag, Rhodes’ heraldic animals, stand at the harbor entrance in the north of the town; the spot is used for fishing by the locals.

3. Lindos

Places to See in Rhodes Island: Lindos

Lindos, a port town in Greece, has everything you could want in a traditional Greek setting. Athens is a city of small alleys, white houses crammed into a mountain, and a magnificent acropolis that towers over it all.

It’s no surprise that the city is one of Rhodes’ most popular tourist destinations. Even if there are a lot of tourists during peak season, it is well worth a visit.

The Acropolis of Lindos, in particular, should not be overlooked. On foot, you can easily ascend the approximately 166 meters in altitude, taking in the spectacular views along the way and admiring the locals’ handicrafts.

A walk between the high columns and the view of the turquoise sea and the heart-shaped St. Paul’s Bay invites you to daydream once you’ve reached the top.

Although only a few ruins of the Acropolis remain, you can get a good sense of the once-impressive structure, which included temples, an ancient theater, and castles.

The first temple complex is thought to have been constructed as early as 800 BC. When you get back to town, make a point of stopping at one of Lindos’ many rooftop restaurants.

The rooftop bars have a great view of the roofs and the illuminated Acropolis when the parasols are folded up at dusk.

4. Tsambika Beach

Tsambika Beach
Places to See in Rhodes Island: Tsambika Beach

It’s impossible to write about Rhodes’ sights without mentioning the island’s stunning beaches. With the sun shining brightly and the temperature hovering around 40 degrees, a dip in the cool water is a must. Luckily, Rhodes has plenty to offer!

From the legendary monastery on the adjacent mountain, you can not only marvel at Tsambika Beach near the village of Kolymbia on the east coast, but you can also visit it.

The beach is known for its clear water and fine, soft sand, and it is considered one of Greece’s most beautiful beaches. For those who enjoy skinny dipping, there is even a small nudist beach section.

Visit Kalathos Beach near Lindos for some peace and quiet, or relax at the famous Anthony Quinn Bay, which is protected by green rocks.

Tsambika Beach is just under a 20-minute drive from both beaches, making it an ideal combination of trips.

5. Tsambika Monastery

Tsambika Monastery
Places to See in Rhodes Island: Tsambika Monastery

Tsambika Monastery is located next to Tsambika Beach in a mountain clearing. The location is best known for its spectacular views of the east coast, as well as the nearby village of Kolymbia and its wide sandy beach.

You can drive most of the way to a small tavern and then climb the 300 or so steps to the chapel, which is open all year.

Aside from the view, the legend surrounding the monastery is particularly intriguing. This claims that the women who assisted in the construction of the monastery were miraculously pregnant.

As the pilgrimage up the steep hill grew in popularity, more and more women set out. They stayed there for one night in the hopes of realizing their dream of having children.

If the women did become pregnant, their children were frequently given the names Tsambika or Tsambiko.

6. Prasonisi

Places to See in Rhodes Island: Prasonisi

Prasonisi is a small peninsula on Rhodes’ southern tip, connected to the mainland only by a narrow isthmus, or isthmus. During storms, particularly in the winter, the sand can flood, turning Prasonisi into a true island.

However, because two seas meet at the isthmus, you can usually stay there and enjoy an exciting natural spectacle.

To the east is the Mediterranean Sea, which is ideal for swimming, while to the west is the stormy Aegean Sea, which is pounded by a constant breeze.

As a result, Prasonisi Beach is a great place for kite and windsurfers. There is a surf school on site, so you can try your hand at sweeping the sea.

From the beach, you can watch the daring jumps and colorful kites. By the way, the best way to get here is by renting a car and driving along the coast road to the Prasonisi turnoff. The peninsula is one of only a few where goats live.

7. Butterfly Valley Rhodes

Butterfly Valley Rhodes
Places to See in Rhodes Island: Butterfly Valley Rhodes

The name “Valley of the Butterflies” is a little misleading, because the flocks of moths that can be seen in the green and water-filled valley are not butterflies, but rather “Russian bears.”

The brown and white striped moths are still quite attractive. Another pair of red and orange wings appear when they spread their wings or fly.

From July to September, the Valley of the Butterflies, also known as Petaloudes, is at its most beautiful, with thousands of moths perching on trees and fluttering through the air.

The animals are attracted to the resin smell of the oriental sweetgum tree, which makes them feel at ease. This is what makes the valley so special, because the tree species only grows in Turkey, with the exception of Rhodes.

In season, the two-hour hike through overgrown forest paths, past numerous small waterfalls and an enchanting green lagoon, is also enjoyable.

Because many tourists startle the animals and prevent them from mating, the number of moths has decreased significantly in recent years. As a result, be considerate during your visit and obey all posted signs.

8. Palace of the Grand Masters

Palace of the Grand Masters
Palace of the Grand Masters

The Grand Master’s Palace, located on the highest point in Rhodes town, appears to have sprung from the Middle Ages and is undoubtedly one of the most popular Rhodes attractions.

You immediately feel like a king when you stand in front of the massive, sand-colored castle walls.

The Knights of St. John built the imposing palace as the seat of their grand masters in the 14th century.

It was later used as an administrative headquarters, a prison, and an ammunition store, among other things, with fatal consequences.

In 1856, a massive explosion caused by ammunition stored there destroyed large portions of the structure. The palace was only rebuilt under the rule of the Italians, and it was much larger than it had been before.

The fairytale main portal, which consists of an archway and two high castle towers, is the only original part that has survived. This will take you inside the castle to an inner courtyard with arcades and a museum with rotating exhibits.

The Grand Master’s Palace is even one of Greece’s top attractions!

9. Kallithea Therme


Since ancient times, the warm sulfur springs of the Kallithea Therme, also known as Kalithea Springs, have attracted a large number of people who want to experience the healing effects of the water.

Even the emperors of the Roman Empire are said to have bathed there. The current oriental-style thermal bath building was built in the late 1920s and reopened in 2007 after a lot of work.

It’s an idyllic place to relax, with fine mosaics, ornate floors, fountains, and whitewashed columns. Even though the thermal baths’ hot springs have long since dried up, you don’t have to go without a bath.

A small, rocky bay within the complex is ideal for snorkeling or swimming. You can also end the day with a delicious Greek wine at a nice restaurant right on the water.

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10. Monolithos Castle

Monolithos Castle
Monolithos Castle

Built in the middle of a lonely hill, the ancient Castle of St. John of Monolithos is known for its breathtaking views of Rhodes’ west coast.

There is several hundred meters of water around the castle walls, and the stone ruins stand out against the deep blue of the sea and the green island in the background, making them one of Rhodes’ most popular photo motifs.

On the mountain, there is also a white chapel that was built later and is still in excellent condition.

To get there, drive about two miles west of Monolithos to the foot of the mountain and climb a few more steps from there-but you’ll be rewarded with stunning views and a stroll among the enchanting ruins, even if you don’t pay admission.

Take the road back about half a kilometer to a small vantage point for a spectacular sunset with a view of the castle. Two Greek women were also selling delicious nuts and fresh fruit on my last visit.

11. Seven Springs

Seven Springs
Seven Springs

A walk through the valley of the seven springs, known in Greek as Epta Piges, is anything but boring and should be included in your Rhodes vacation itinerary.

Seven springs meet in a beautiful forest area near the village of Kolymbia to form a stream that flows to a reservoir with a waterfall. On your short hike, you might see peacocks, ducks, or geese cooling off in the water if you’re lucky.

Guru tip: the brave can follow the ankle-high watercourse for 150 to 190 meters through a narrow and dark tunnel if they remove their shoes and bring a flashlight.

A normal forest path can also be used to reach the waterfall without getting your feet wet.

12. Kamiros – Insel Rhodos

Places to See in Rhodes Island: Kamiros

Kamiros, along with Lindos and Ialysos, was once one of the three main cities on Rhodes. The archaeological site is surrounded by pine and pine trees on a gentle slope.

The city was destroyed by an earthquake thousands of years ago, but the original structure can still be seen.

The public buildings and the market place with a well house were at the bottom, followed by the settlements with residential buildings, and finally the acropolis and a cistern, which provided water to the settlements at the time.

Only at the end of the nineteenth century was the city rediscovered. You are free to simply relax and take in the tranquil atmosphere while admiring the deep blue Aegean Sea.

Amateur archaeologists and history buffs, on the other hand, should take a guided tour to learn more about the excavations and life in the city in the past.

13. Faliraki Beach, Rhodes

Faliraki Beach, Rhodes
Faliraki Beach, Rhodes

Faliraki, just 20 kilometers from Rhodes Town, is one of the most popular resorts on the entire island.

The lively east coast seaside resort, which was once a small, quiet fishing village, is now best known for its long sandy beach, Faliraki Beach, as well as its vast and varied range of leisure activities.

There’s something for everyone here, from water sports like jet skiing and parasailing to beach bars and beach clubs for night owls.

Faliraki is thus particularly popular with active people, as well as families and young people who value a vibrant nightlife while on vacation.


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