Do Taxis Take Credit Cards?

Do Taxis Take Credit Cards? – In taxis, the acceptance of credit and debit cards is steadily increasing. As a result, taxi companies are adapting to the growing use of “plastic money” in everyday life.

Even though the taxi company’s profit margins are already low, it is often the case that there is no extra charge for using cashless systems.

Do Taxis Take Credit Cards?

Taxi drivers in some cities may not take credit cards, so it is best to ask before getting in the taxi. Some taxi companies do not allow their drivers to take credit cards, so it is important to know the company’s policy.

Do Taxis Take Credit Cards?
Do Taxis Take Credit Cards?

Taxi Drivers Not Obliged to Accept

However, no taxi driver is legally obligated to accept cards, as recent court decisions in Washington, D.C. have confirmed. He can only accept cash in standard amounts of up to 50 USD.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, I advise passengers to discuss the matter with the driver prior to embarking on the journey.

Pictograms on the rear side window also indicate which services, such as card payment, are available. Each passenger can then choose which taxi he or she wants at the taxi rank.

Some taxis are not yet technically capable of reading a credit or debit card electronically. However, the risk of fraud increases with direct debit, which is theoretically possible.

The Taxiverband Deutschland eV helps its members improve the quality of their transportation services by offering advice on how to use technical systems that, in addition to increasing availability and reducing wait times, also allow credit card payments.

However, it should not be forgotten that quality comes at a cost. For example, the current taxi fare in Dallas includes a 1.50 USD fee for using cashless payment systems.

Paying a taxi with a card
do taxis take credit cards

Paying a taxi with a card: you need to know that

You must also pay if you take a taxi. Many passengers prefer to do this without using cash. Read on to find out under what circumstances you can pay by card in a taxi.

Pay With the Card in the Taxi

Many passengers want to pay the amount in the taxi without cash. When it comes to payment options, there are sometimes big differences between the individual regions and cities.

As an example, since 2015, Washington, D.C. has made it a requirement for local taxi companies to also offer cashless payment options.

Pay With the Card in the Taxi
do taxis take credit cards
  • No taxi driver is legally obliged to offer card or contactless payments. Due to the increasing demand, however, acceptance among taxi drivers is also increasing.
  • Taxis that offer card payment are required to accept at least three major cards, including debit cards and Visa or Mastercard credit cards.
  • In addition, the cardholder must confirm their identity to the taxi driver. This can happen, for example, with an identity card or driver’s license.
  • In the past, many taxi drivers charged a surcharge for card payments. These extra fees have been prohibited since January 1, 2018, according to the Payment Services Supervision Act.
  • You can tell whether a taxi offers card payment by the pictograms on the rear side window, which show all the available services.
  • Before driving, check with the company or driver to see if you can pay with the card. If you are already sitting in the taxi and notice that you don’t have enough cash, you have to take the taxi to the nearest ATM to withdraw cash.
  • If you use the Free Now app, you can always pay there by credit card directly through the app. The app also shows you where the next available taxi is. The application is particularly worthwhile in large cities.

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